Custom Design Solar Arrays

We believe that adopting innovative and sustainable energy alternatives is best for the future of our planet, and for the preservation of the beautiful area we live and work in. We embrace innovation and are committed to our customers, the community, and the environment through our green energy solutions.

Solar energy harnesses the power of sunlight to create electricity. We install and maintain a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial grid-tied and off-grid solar power systems for customers throughout the Kootenays.


Solar power services we offer:

We install solar panel arrays on all types of surfaces, including sloped roofs, flat roofs, and ground-mounted solar arrays.

  • Grid-Tied Solar Systems

  • Grid-Tied Battery Backup Solar Systems

  • Battery Backup Solar Systems

  • Off-Grid Solar Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best kind of system for my home?

The simplest and most cost-effective way to adopt solar power is a grid-tied system. With a grid-tied system you benefit from the Net Metering Program, meaning every watt of power you produce and do not use will be credited to you at a wholesale rate by your energy provider. This credit will then be applied during times that you’re not producing. For example, in the summer months, you’re typically producing  more energy than you’re using and banking all of those kWh for the winter months when we have less sun.


What is the average price of a solar system set up?

A standard system, depending on size, can range from $13,000 to $30,000. This is the cost before applying the Greener Homes Grant of up to $5,000.


How does the Greener Homes Grant work?

Prior to starting the energy upgrades on your home, you need to apply for the Greener Homes Grant on the Government of Canada’s website by clicking here. You will then select an energy auditor (EA) to come inspect your house. Once the inspection is complete and your home is approved you will be eligible for the grants listed on the website. After the upgrades have been completed, the EA will return for post-inspection and then you will receive your rebate!

If you have trouble with the application process or securing an EA please reach out as we can help.


How do I clean the panels?

We recommend gently using a hose to clean dust, debris, or ash off your panels. 

Is there a warranty?

We stand by our products and installation, every solar product we install has a 25-year warranty.  Please note that over the course of 25 years, the efficiency of a solar panel goes from 100% to 86%.


How big of a system do I need?

The size of your system is based on a few factors, including your yearly energy consumption, the location of your home, and what your energy-saving goals are. For example, you may be looking to offset as much consumption as we can fit on your roof or looking for a budget-friendly partial consumption option.

Our quotes are free and fully customizable. We provide a full array layout, the size of the suggested system, and the economics/projected payback of the system.


What areas of BC do you service?

We are located in Trail, BC, but we can provide services province-wide.


Do you install on commercial buildings or apartments?

Yes, we absolutely do! We can install solar arrays for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. 


Are the panels heavy? Will my roof be able to accomodate them?

The panels and gear are actually quite light and it is unlikely that a typical, structurally sound roof would require any additional reinforcement to accommodate them.

What about snow? Will it damage the panels?

Snow will slide off the panels, and will not cause damage.  In fact, panels can actually continue to produce energy with 8 inches of snow on them. We recommend using a snow rake to help remove excessive snow.