Industrial Electrical Services

Broken and non-responsive electrical equipment is not only disruptive and costly, but it can also be dangerous.

We take pride in the elite electrical work we provide to our industrial sector customers. Our licensed and professional team offers the highest quality service with minimal disruption and downtime. We recognize the importance of providing fast and efficient service so that your operations can continue at peak performance. 

Industrial services we offer:

  • Electrical Equipment Analysis: testing, repair, servicing
  • Emergency Lighting: installation, verification, and annual test reports
  • Green Energy Solutions: industrial-grade solar panel system design and installation  
  • Instrumentation Services: construction, maintenance, and routine service
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Installation
  • 24-hour Emergency Service


    Downtime is inconvenient and costly. Our 24-hr emergency service is ready to serve you.

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